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For Teens

Bullying stops us from being who we want to be and prevents us from expressing ourselves freely. Bullying might even make us feel unsafe. If you are bullied, say something! If you are bullying, it’s not cool!

I Might Be Being Bullied

SPEAK UP: If you feel uncomfortable with the comments or actions of someone… tell someone! It is better to let a trusted adult know than to let the problem continue.  Get familiar with what bullying is and what it is not.  If you recognize any of the descriptions, you should stay calm, stay respectful, and tell an adult as soon as possible.  If you feel like you are at risk of harming yourself or others get help now!

Someone is Bullying Me Online or Via Text Message

Remember, bullying does not only happen at school. It can happen anywhere, including through texting, the internet, and social media. Participants learn simple, effective, and powerful techniques to feel energized, focused, and how to deal with peer pressure and being bullied.